We produce 3d graphic designs and templates for slot machines, and computer video games. We only work for casino companies who is interested in the next-generation casino visualizations.

For more information please visit Slotogaming's website at www.slotogaming.com.


About Slotogaming


Slotogaming aims to become the preferred solution provider, in terms of graphic design and game concept development of high-quality games in the casino industry. Our solutions encompass professional game design and graphics supported by high-level mathematic applications, custom visualization techniques, 3-D modeling and animation.


The 3D graphics development steps are the follows:

character design and visualization

nurbs and polygon modeling

UV mapping

shading & texturing

character rigging / skeleton setup



compositing with post-processing


Providing wide range of game development services, whether it is a new game concept or refurbished old game, we are ready

to adapt to your needs. Depending on the parameters specified by our clients, whether it is a land based video slot or an online based game, we can accommodate the technical particulars such as file formats, resolution or FPS rate accordingly.


Slotogaming is a niche, high-quality casino and entertainment video slot games

producer and developer.


Established by a group of game developers, entrepreneurs, graphic artists, mathematicians and technology engineers, Slotogaming’s main objective is to support our clients with the delivery of effective, yet superior and entertaining gaming solutions.


Founded in 2012, Slotogaming, focuses on the development of new interactive, high resolution, state-of-the-art video-slot games supported by modern software technologies and prominent graphic solutions.


Our team has over seven years of experience in video-slot game development, including the theme and variations of the game story, the graphics design and animation as well as its implementation to the graphics engine. During this time as contracted outsourced partner we participated in different international co-operations with flexible approach to fulfill our customers requirements.


It is our strong believe that the combination of your game mathematics and our high-resolution graphics could result an attractive and eye-catching entertainment, corresponding to the key standards in the industry.


In the days of HDTV and 3-D, Slotogaming breaks away from the common simple low-resolution and low-color graphics. Our focus is in the direction of animated symbols, visual effects and entertainment elements to offer engaging gaming experience.


We reckon that our 3D graphics and animation can be an interesting concept both in terms of the land based slot machines and the online surface as well.


As our experience shows some of the successful and beloved games are sometimes out of fashion - as far as the visuals are concerned – and in this case the game can be updated or entirely recreated and taken to the next level from the graphics perspective.


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