AxyzIT is a company which deal with information technologies.

Our primary image is creating 3d visualizations, websites and web-systems.

In the other hand this is a fresh company with modern theories and creators who have got more

than enough knowledge to create the next-generation IT software.

The modern web-development has come with the HTML 5, CSS3 and jQuery languages because

it brought the new world to the internet surfers. Games, animations, high quality effects with

excellent graphic and back-end engine. And nowadays only a few company can provide the best.


We are here to serve you and make the next-generation, high quality website.


By CAAD (Computer-aided architectural design) we focus on to create 3D visualization of rooms,

flats, offices, shops, houses etc. to help you decide what fits better to your imagination.

If you want to see how your ideas would look like on real life, we can create life-like images of

your dreams. Until we get the best result, we are ready to do anything you need.


We use the best and the most modern solutions to create as qualitative as it is possible at AxyzIT. One of our first-rates, security and quality are the most important things in our

guiding principle.


Keep in touch with us for establishing your dreams. In the other hand interactivity is one of the most important part of creating any of our projects because it promotes the fastness

of progress. Contact us and manage your ordered project like a boss.


Many company overextend oneself. At AxyzIT first you have to submit a form with your special claims and send it to us. After we processed your requests we decide we can

complete your order in time or not. If the project has been started we are going to finish the work at the agreed time.

Sometimes the procurers does not know what they want. This is not good and sometimes many company does not accept their request because of this.

Of course there is a way to make us entrusted to plan and edit your website.


We use our own frameworks and technologies to prove the best. It means we update and develop our fully unique systems.


We are planning many different researches for the future. Do not hesitate if you are looking for a storekeeper and billing software with a fully completed back-end system

based on databases handler. There is a way to make webshops to your individual system. We support multi-terminal methods. It means your company can use more than one

terminals to modify data safety, without loosing data at the same time.

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